Monday, March 30, 2020

Palo Alto:Factory Reset On A PA-2050

I have an older PA-2050 that I'm going to use for a customer of mine (as a router), and I'm having to do a factory reset on it.  Below, you can see the output of what I had to do.  I simply reboot it, and during the 5 second window, type in "maint".

   Welcome to the PanOS Bootloader.

U-Boot (Build time: Aug 27 2012 - 19:23:20)
BIST check passed.
KESTREL board revision major:2, minor:0, serial #: 0003C104442
OCTEON CN3120-CP pass 1.1, Core clock: 500 MHz, DDR clock: 265 MHz (530 Mhz data rate)
DRAM:  1024 MB
Clearing DRAM........ done
Using default environment

Flash: 64 MB
Net:   octeth0, octeth1, octeth2
 Bus 0 (CF Card): not available

USB:   (port 0) No USB devices found.

        Autoboot to default partition in 5 seconds.
        Enter 'maint' to boot to maint partition.

Entry: maint

Booting to maint mode.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Beaches Closed (Supposedly) Due To Coronavirus

The coronavirus issue has really been a eye opening situation. We have learned a few things so far about this:
1. It is highly contagious
2. It can be fatal for older people, yet I have read of people in their 30's dying from this
3. If you have respiratory problems, like asthma, it can be fatal to you
4. It can live on some surfaces for up to two weeks, but can live on most all surfaces for some time
5. Until we get it, our bodies have no immunity to it.
6. You can have no symptoms of it for up to two weeks
7. Even with no symptoms, it's highly contegeous (so you can have it, and be spreading it without knowing it)

What has been interesting is the reaction to this, from local and state governments and also from individuals.
The local government where I live (Walton County, FL) has proved to care more about tourism than they do the well being of the general public. In the beginning, they simply refused to act on it, and even now, refuse to do really much about it that makes and sense. They have done some things, that really don't make any sense (although several weeks too late), but nothing to actually stop the spread of this virus. Same for the FL governor, nothing to stop the spread of this thing. Any action for not spreading the virus has been made by local business owner's decision to close thier places down. Don't get me wrong, I'm not for the government telling me what to do. But people's lives are at stake here, so I'm willing to do my part to help prevent the spread of this.
While restaurants and other business are suffering, they have offered pick up services and other things to try to make up for lost business. I certainly respect any efforts to stay afloat. Its certainly trying times for local business.
What also been interesting is the individual attitudes about this. I won't get into this, but it's very concerning to see the "lack of concern" for the greater good of all, to say the least.
My wife has shown me many videos of healthcare workers who post a few minutes worth of a video online, talking about having no supplies, ventilators, etc. Literally making life and death decisions for patients who won't be able to get a ventilator, because they are all taken. And putting their own lives at risk by working around all the sick people. Not to mention taking it home to their families. It's really a heart wrenching situation.
Another observation is that groceries have been a little harder to get. Meat in particular. Hoarding of food has taken place, when there is no reason for that. The supply has not gone down. It's just that panic has gone up.
So what do you do about all of this, where there is no cure for a virus that has spread across the whole world very quickly? I don't know the answer. I'm hoping that a cure is found quickly. I think about my own family. My mother and ask of ther older ones. And although in not elderly, I'm still old enough to be concerned about this. Italy and China are good examples of how this thing can go. That's not what I want for this country, or any country.
It's time to be praying for a solution.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

A Company Called JS Printing

Here recently, I needed some marketing materials for the White Rhino Security VPN Solution. I know the owner over at JS Printing in the Birmingham, AL area.  So I stopped by and started talking to him about what I needed and the vision I had.
After conveying my thoughts and working through to a final trifold idea, I have to say that I couldn't be happier with what I have in hand. In fact, I'm getting ready to do my second round of similar marketing ideas to hand over to JS Printing.
Honestly, I only market products and companies that I personally use our have personally tested. Remember Capsa, by Colasoft and how I posted about that product? Well I still use that product today.
Remember me talking about TKS and their Disaster Recovery solution? Well I still talk about that solution with all my customers.
So what all does JS Printing do? I'm sure I can't tell you everything they do, but I know they design marketing materials, print news papers, and any other company printing needs that someone might have. My company (White Rhino Security) has used JS Printing for my latest marketing printing needs, plus my business cards, my White Rhino T-shirt printing, and also my White Rhino polos. I'm sure they do quite a bit more than this.
If you are not in the Birmingham AL area, not to worry. They have customers all across the United States.  If you are looking for a printer, I highly recommend JS Printing. You can contact Richard Mitchell (the owner) at his direct number.

Richard Mitchell
Direct: 205-313-4644

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Home Projects: Guest Bathroom Tearout

This past weekend, I had intended on slowly starting to work on our guest bathroom remodel. Sadly, nothing went right from the get go.
First, while taking the not water cover off to get to the faucet, I ended up having water shooting out the faucet at full force. That was fun.
Second, when I was starting to saws-all the tub/shower (a fiberglass insert), I accidentally hit the hot water line feeding the faucet, opening up the copper. Ugh.

Now the last thing my wife and I wanted to do was to get out in public. We are trying to stay away from this coronavirus thing. But, we had to fix my mistakes, as we need water for cooking, showers, etc.
I'm not a plumber, but, I had to get this fixed. And here in the Florida panhandle, plumbers are terrible. So, if to Home Depot we went.
We ended up getting two shut off valves so that we could get our water turned back on. We used the "Sharkbite" technology, and it worked very well. I have heard many plumbers complain about Sharkbite, but I think it's because it putts their job at risk. Honestly, you just don't need a plumber because it's do easy to do. And it works. Would I put this inside my wall? Probably not. But outside the wall (like a shut off valve)? Yep, every time.

It's literally cut the pipe, clean the pipe, and push the fitting on. It's that simple.
By the time we were done we had all the demo done.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Monday, March 23, 2020

Garden Of The Gods, CO

Another good trip if you can make it while in Colorado. The Garden of the Gods.

Friday, March 20, 2020

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Great Sand Dunes National Park

In Colorado, there is this National Park called Great Sand Dunes. Literally, in the middle of nowhere, there are these huge sand dunes. Definitely worth a visit if you can.

Check out the size of the people in the background. This will give you some perspective on how big those are.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Big Bend National Park

 Big Bend National Park is a VERY remote part of Texas, but worth the visit. I'm glad we stopped by. Below is the Rio Grande River. Left side is Mexico. Right side United States.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Training Flights For The Military

We see and hear a lot of military planes go by. These were interesting.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Are You Sure...

Are you sure, when you use public WiFi, that all your communications is safe? Email? Background apps that login? Etc. Be sure with the White Rhino Security VPN Solution.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Seagrove Beach

It's been a really nice off season down here in the panhandle this year. Each evening when we get the chance to go walk the beach for a sunset, you see a few faithful fishermen sitting in their chairs with their line out in the water.  Mostly older men and maybe some wives out there with them. Some by themselves. When you talk to some of these people, it's not really about fishing to them. It's just about being there.  
Whatever or wherever is your thing, just show up. And let the rest fall into place.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Sunday: 1/26/2020

What do you do on a Sunday when aren't feeling to well? You read 1 Thessalonians. It's a rainy day here, not that it matters. So what do you do while you try to get to feeling better and after a good read of the Bible?
You upgrade a Unity Connection server and while you are waiting on the image transfer, you upgrade firmware on a bunch of Brocade switches.
May you find favor with God in your faith in Jesus. May His face shine upon you, and bring you peace.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Quiet Saturday

Working throughout today upgrading Cisco CUCM Publisher and Subscribers (remotely) while also working on our fireplace. I can't say I'm much of a framer, but this will do.

And now the pic of the week.

Friday, January 24, 2020

Samsung Range Error Code C-31

I have this Samsung induction range that has recently had a problem.  The oven on it quit working after one night of high heat cooking.  We had the oven up to 450 degrees, and right close to the end of cooking the meal, it just died.  On the display, an error code of C-31 appears. 
Well, after many calls to Samsung and a few service companies, no one call (or will) tell me what that C-31 means.  Its been frustrating, to say the least.  My wife found in a forum that the code C-31 means that the main circuit board needs to be replaced.  To be specific, the part number for this board is DE92-03960B

By the way, below is my range. 

The part that needs to be changed out is in the back of the range.  You take the back panel off, and the main board is the only thing back there.  Take a picture of all the connections to it, and then replace it.  The service center wanted $300 to come out and replace it, not including the price of the part.  It cost me $113 online.  I used, which was terrible.  I wouldn't recommend them, but they were the cheapest.  I replaced the part and now the oven works again.

Thursday, January 9, 2020

White Rhino Security VPN Solution

If you are tired of being concerned about using public WiFi and are looking for a secure way to connect to the Internet, this is your sign. White Rhino Security is offering a secure VPN service for individuals and also for corporate environments. Click HERE to read more about our secure public access.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Palo Alto: How To Determine What Ports Are 10 Gig Ports On Palo Alto PA-850 Series

What ports are 10Gig on the Palos?  Good question.  You cant tell by just looking at them, so you either know what they are or you do what I do.  Go into CLI and run the following command:

PA850-1(active)> show system state | match capability

cfg.capability.dfa.sw: 0x0
cfg.capability.regex.sw: 0x0
peer.cfg.capability.dfa.sw: 0x0
peer.cfg.capability.regex.sw: 0x0
sys.s1.ha1.capability: [ auto, 10Mb/s-half, 10Mb/s-full, 100Mb/s-half, 100Mb/s-full, 1Gb/s-half, 1Gb/s-full, ]
sys.s1.p1.capability: [ auto, 10Mb/s-half, 10Mb/s-full, 100Mb/s-half, 100Mb/s-full, 1Gb/s-half, 1Gb/s-full, ]
sys.s1.p10.capability: [ auto, 10Gb/s-full, ]
sys.s1.p11.capability: [ auto, 10Gb/s-full, ]
sys.s1.p12.capability: [ auto, 10Gb/s-full, ]
sys.s1.p2.capability: [ auto, 10Mb/s-half, 10Mb/s-full, 100Mb/s-half, 100Mb/s-full, 1Gb/s-half, 1Gb/s-full, ]
sys.s1.p3.capability: [ auto, 10Mb/s-half, 10Mb/s-full, 100Mb/s-half, 100Mb/s-full, 1Gb/s-half, 1Gb/s-full, ]
sys.s1.p4.capability: [ auto, 10Mb/s-half, 10Mb/s-full, 100Mb/s-half, 100Mb/s-full, 1Gb/s-half, 1Gb/s-full, ]
sys.s1.p5.capability: [ auto, 1Gb/s-full, ]
sys.s1.p6.capability: [ auto, 1Gb/s-full, ]
sys.s1.p7.capability: [ auto, 1Gb/s-full, ]
sys.s1.p8.capability: [ auto, 1Gb/s-full, ]
sys.s1.p9.capability: [ auto, 10Gb/s-full, ]

It looks like ports 9 - 12 are my 10Gig ports on the PA-850.

Monday, January 6, 2020

More Palo Alto HA Cluster Installs

Palo Alto has a great firewall solution. It's one of two firewall vendors that I highly recommend to companies.

Sunday, January 5, 2020


After doing some work on some firewalls Saturday, my wife and I decided to get out for a bit and take a ride through the woods. It's nice to take some time outdoors. Below was actually taking a shortcut from a bridge that was out.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020


It's hard to believe it's already 2020. I remember the New Year's Eve of 1999 when we were sitting in our living room wondering if the power was going to go off when it turned over to the year 2000. Remember that software bug? Remember the scramble to get everything patched?
I hope 2020 is a good year for you and yours.