Thursday, June 23, 2011

How To SSH From A Cisco Router/Switch to Another Cisco Router/Switch

I occasionally run into situations where I need to SSH into an ASA (or
sometimes a router) and I cant get to them from the remote site Im
sitting at at that moment. So, how do I normally go about doing that if
I cant get to a server with putty? Ill SSH (or telnet) to a Cisco
router that I CAN get to. Then, because I cant use putty or anything
else to get to my ASA (which only allows SSH access), I simply do the
following: "ssh -l skillen". So, use the SSH command, -l
means "username", which is "skillen" for me, and then the target address
you are trying to reach ( I have found this to be helpful
to me in several situations where Im trying to reach something, but
cant, and I only have access to another router (that might have access
to what I really want to). Interesting stuff.