Friday, August 19, 2011

Cisco/Brocade CLI/Commands Comparison

Ok, I wanted to put this in because it does pertain to Cisco.  But if any of you deal with Brocade equipment, Brocade will tell you to your face that the CLI is just the same as Cisco.  "If you know Cisco, you will know Brocade.  Its the exact same."  I get so tired of hearing this, because its simply not true.  So, I decided to write up a quick "most common tasks" for setting up a switch from scratch.  You tell me if they are the same or not.  I think this chart will say they are not.  Now with that said, Im not sad with the equipment.  Brocade is fine and just as good as Cisco.  However, dont say they are the same.  They arent.