Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cheat Sheet: MultiTech FaxFinder integration with ShoreTel 12.1

Cheat Sheet:  Integrating MultiTech FaxFinder with ShoreTel 12.1

I have to be honest on this.  I have had a hard time with this integration, and so I owe a lot of thanks to Oliver at ShoreTel TAC.  I talked with about 6 engineers from ShoreTel on this.  He seems to be the only one that knew anything about this.  So, with his help, I got through this on the ShoreTel side of config and I thought Id share what had to be done to get this thing going. 
First, I have ShoreTel 12.1.  Second, I have a FF230 (MultiTech FaxFinder model 230).  The MultiTech 230 is a dual analog device, meaning capable of only have two calls at a time on it.  It connects to my customer's ShoreTel 24A, so it acts like a station endpoint.  With that said, lets move on.
My customer has a different fax number than they do for their voice extension.  So, I have in my example 7405 (the fax) and 7404 (the phone extension).  The call flow goes like this:  Call comes in across the PRI.  It hits the ShoreTel phone system, where I have a DNIS entry pointing 7405 to be mapped to 7404. This DNIS entry is under Trunk --> Trunk Group --> (name of PRI) --> "edit DNIS map"  button.  The fax gets forwarded to the phone extension.  Now, this is important.  Under Sites --> (Site name) --> FAX Redirect Extension:, you put the user you configure for the analog line #1 of the FaxFinder 230 as the destination (FaxFinder1 - ext. 4050 in my case).  This is connected to the 24A port 14 and this is an extension only, no mailbox.  On that user's properties, go down to the "Fax Support" portion, and click the down menu and select "Fax Server".   Under Personal Options of this user, go down to Edit Call Handling Modes: Standard Mode.  Select "No Answer/Busy", and forward "Busy Destination" and "No Answer Destination" to the second user that holds that analog line.  In my case, it is user FaxFinder2 - ext. 4051.  On that extension, same thing, except I dont forward to anything on Busy/No Answer. 

Now, on the MultiTech FaxFinder.  Go to System Configuration tab, and fill in the Network parameters.  Fill in the SMTP and Time properties also.  Oh yeah, upgrade the firmware also.  Two days ago they came out with an upgrade.  You will want to do this, according to MultiTech. 
On the Fax Configuration tab, configure Routing as DTMF Digits.  No need to change anything else except "Max Extension Digits", where mine was 4 digits for the number of my digits in my extensions.  Under Inbound Routing, run the size of the email size limit up to 100000K or higher.  The default I found was too low, which I think was 5000K.  Under Users tab, add your users.  Input all info on them, and make sure at the bottom that you select the "Add Route" check box, and the appropriate extension.  IF you do not check that box and add that extension, you wont get faxes to your email.  Oh yeah, Im sending faxes to email here, which is configurable under Fax Configuration --> Inbound Routing --> edit user. 

Thats all.  I hope this helps out.  To me, the MultiTech was easier than the ShoreTel piece.  But, its in and working.  Oh yeah, dont forget to put in a admin email address.  All faxes that go there that dont match a user will go to the admin.  That might be important if you dont want to miss a fax.

Now, one thing I dont care for that I actually tried to setup.  I thought I could forward the FAX Redirect Extension (under Sites) to a Hunt Group instead, which had both 4050 and 4051 in it.  It wouldnt work.  According to ShoreTel TAC, it wont work.  In fact, there is NO way to make it work.  That hurts.

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