Tuesday, December 6, 2011

ShoreTel: The lack of multiple extension capability.

 One of the things I come across quite a bit is that a company has users who have multiple extensions.  Its really a common request, for whatever reason.  Cisco does this without any issue, and its very easy to configure a phone to have multiple extensions.  You just go to the phone and you select the line appearance and put in the number you want it to have.  ShoreTel, unfortunately, does not have this option.  They want you to do a "monitor extension" or a hunt group to accomplish this.  I am not a fan of this, because I feel like this can limit you on some "out of the box" thinking, not to mention you can not fulfill a request for simply having two regular extensions. 
  I have talked with a ShoreTel pre-sales guy about this, and he says it can be done.  However, he has never installed a phone system before.  I am always cautious about pre-sales engineers, simply because of what I consider to be "lack of real world experience".
  As of version 12.1, I talked with a ShoreTel TAC engineer about this.  Im pasting this piece of the chat below. 

2:22 PM Me: Ok, it would be nice to just be able to have two regular extensions that act the same way, just two separate extensions.  But Im thinking that it cant be done on this system, correct?
2:23 PM ShoreTel TAC: That is a great suggestion Shane, you may want to review this link and provide feedback. http://blog.shoretel.com/2011/07/shoretel-suggestions-goes-live/
2:24 PM ShoreTel TAC: However, as you saw via the configuration you cannot assign two separate extensions to one user. So based on the user's requirements I will help provide the best configuration solution.

  To me, its very frustrating that you can not do this.  Maybe in the future ShoreTel will incorporate this.  I can say, that there have been situations where I have recommended Cisco over ShoreTel solely because of this.

EDITED POST:  Ok, I know you are saying, as some have directly to me, why not just use BCA?  Well, because BCA doesnt work the same way as an extension.  It works differently than a "shared" line.  Read the documentation.

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