Monday, January 9, 2012

Operator solutions for ShoreTel

I have a setup where I have two operators receiving calls for mid sized company.  The upper management wants all calls to be answered by a person, instead of an AA.  Doesn't make sense to me, but hey, not my company.  So, I have them setup as a  hunt group.  Two operators, in a hunt group, and they have IP 230s.  Not my call, but that's what they choose to get.  So, they complain that each operator now can not get more than two calls.  They want each operator to get 6 calls each.  Wow, I still vote for the AA.
So, in trying to figure out what to do with this, I call up TAC.  The TAC guy says to use a BCA.  I tried that and still, a similar issue.  I could only get one call to ring in on the individual operator in communicator.  Not sure why that was.  I had a call stack of 8 for each operator.  However, when I made the second call into the operator, it wouldn't show up at the operator communicator, nor on her phone.  So, I went back to the hunt group.  Ugh.
So, what are my other options?  I could get a phone with more line appearances.  That might be the option.  But, if the company wants the callers to talk to a live person, how about a workgroup?  Well, I think that is a decent option, if they want to have someone answer the phone.  But, its going to cost them more workgroup licenses. 
I like how communicator works for operators, but I still feel like the options for the operator is weak.  If I have a Cisco solution in place, I can get as many calls in as I want, not only for the operator, but for any user.  Maybe this will change in ShoreTel in the future, but for now, Im a little disappointed.

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