Thursday, March 29, 2012

Step by step: Upgrading the firmware of the Brocade RS6000 wireless controller from 4.3 to 5.2

Upgrading firmware of the RS6000 from 4.3 to 5.2:
Login via console cable.
"Please press Enter to activate this console."
BR-RFS6000 login: cli (type cli)
userame is: admin
password is: admin123
type "enable" to get into enable mode (no password).

If you do a "show ip interface brief" in CLI from default config, this is what is shown:
BR-RFS6000#show ip inter brief
Interface IP-Address/Mask Status Protocol
me1 up down
vlan1 unassigned(DHCP) up up

Configure DHCP server on your laptop (I use dualserver).
RS6000 gets an IP address. I showed this by using the command in CLI:
BR-RFS6000#show ip inter brief
Interface IP-Address/Mask Status Protocol
me1 up down
vlan1 up up

Log into the web browswer:
You get the following screen:
Login is admin/admin123 for the screenshot above.
Notice this box ships with version We want to be at at least version 5.2.
Emailed Brocade contact and downloaded image from download location he gave me.

Copy image into FTP directory and FTP to unit. Go to Firmware → Update Firmware.
Put in the information of the TFTP server. Dont forget to put in “.img” at the end of the filename.
Notice above that the screen says at the next reboot, it will boot to the secondary firmware. That is what you want.
I changed the ip address to something static so that I could do initial configuration on this unit. See below.
I want to reboot now to boot up to the new image, but not sure how. Went in CLI and did the following:

wireless-controller will be rebooted, do you want to continue? ([y]es/[n]o): Y
Save current configuration? ([y]es/[n]o/[d]isplay unsaved/[c]ancel reload): y
The system is going down NOW !!

When rebooting, you see this in CLI:
Restarting system.

Booting from NOR image2

BootOS Copyright (c) 2004-2011. All rights reserved.
BR-RFS6000 version
PCI Speed is configured as 133Mhz
NO PCI Card Present, leaving PCI Block disabled
Loading runtime image 2 ................................................
Welcome to BR-RFS6000
restoring /var2/./lib/dpd
restoring /var2/./state
restoring /var2/./state/dhcp
restoring /flash/./cache
restoring /flash/./floorplans
This can take some time, please be patient.
4x to 5x configuration conversion in process
4x to 5x configuration conversion complete
Starting daemons...........
Running Secondary software, version
Alternate software Primary, version
Software fallback feature is enabled

Please press Enter to activate this console.

Notice this time, after the reboot, I have to type in the browser to get to the interface. See below.

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