Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Brocade Wireless Controller and DHCP Option 189

Ive been doing an install of a Brocade RS6000 wireless controller system, and I wanted to address something very important for the APs.  The APs have to be able to know where to go to, to get to the controller.  This is so that they can get firmware, config, etc.  This is done by configuring a DHCP option.  Its called option 189.  By configuring this option, we can tell the APs what IP address the controller is, so that it can get what config that it needs.
Keep in mind that this piece is just for dealing with DHCP for your APs.  Nothing else will be covered in this section today.  So, here is what you would do:
1.  Create your vlans as necessary.
2.  Locate your DHCP server, and get the IP address information of the server.
3.  Make sure you use the ip helper-address command on the vlan interface.
4.  See map below for the rest:

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