Thursday, April 5, 2012

Check Point: Extracting a TGZ File In SPLAT (On The UTM-1)

Did you ever need to extract a .TGZ file on the UTM-1 (or on any SPLAT IOS)?  I run into this a lot, and I always seem to forget the command to do it.  So below, I thought I'd put this command in a post.  It is as follows:
"tar -zxvf Check_Point_Upgrade_for_R75.20.Splat.tgz"

You can also run this command below.  It does the same thing:
"gzip -d Check_Point_Upgrade_for_R75.20.Splat.tgz"

After you do this, you can then start your upgrade process:
[Expert@company]# ./

Start Upgrading ..

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