Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cisco: How To Add A Presense User In CUCM: Complete Notes

Adding Presence Users:

In the end user, make sure of the following:
device association - phone is associated
primary number - DN is associated
"CTI Enable Group" and "Standard CCM end users group" - make sure user is a part of these groups on the end user page

In the device --> phone page:
associate user to DN under phone properties

For SOFTPHONE (Personal Commucator softphone) usage:
add a new phone
select personal comunicator
name it "UPC(USERID)" - example UPCSKILLEN -- It all has to be UPPERCASE
associate the new phone to a DN

In CUCM still, go to System --> Licensing --> Capabilities
make sure both items ARE CHECKED for each user you want to have this capability.

go to Presence --> Application --> CUPC --> User settings
search for userID
preferred phone is the "hard" phone, not softphone
CTI Gateway profile is “Birmingham_cti_tcp_profile_synced_000”