Saturday, May 5, 2012

Brocade (Foundry): Vlan Interface Down, Line Protocol Up: "Down, Up"

Vlan Interface Down, Line Protocol Up
Last night I was installing a few of the new ICX 6430 24 port POE switches when I ran into an interesting problem.  I was trying to tie a ICX switch to their current Foundry core switch via fiber, from one building to another.  I had already done 5 other buildings that day, and this one was the last one to get done.  After quite a bit of troubleshooting, I ended up finding that the Vlan I created for this building (vlan 6) had and "down, up" status on the Ve interface.  I dont know about you, but I had never seen this before.  Ive seen plenty of "up, down" situations, but not "down, up".  I made sure that I had a port (two of them in this case) in that vlan and that something was plugged in (the SFP connected to the fiber run and, to try to resolve this, a cat5 to a media converter just to get the interface up).  Even with these two, I still had the down, up status.
I finally did get this resolved though.  I had to take out the ports from that vlan (vlan 6), and delete the vlan all together.  Then, I recreated it again, put the ports back in, and it showed a "up, up" status at that point.  I have no idea really why this happened, but simply deleting out the vlan and adding it back again seems to have resolved my issue. 
When I think back on this to try to figure out what happened, I literally did nothing different the second time than the first when creating that vlan and putting the interfaces in. It was really odd, but I thought Id share this experience.