Thursday, May 10, 2012

ShoreTel: No Internal Calling Capability Between Sites Across A VPN

Today I went to complete a ShoreTel install for a company that had a HQ site and one remote site.  The HQ site was already done, and all I had to do today was just the remote site.  When I got there and got all the phones out (I had already done the config when I did the main site), I found that I could dial internally to the remote site without any issue, but I could not dial across the site to site vpn to the HQ site.  It would tell me when I tried that the extension was not valid.  If I got someone from the HQ site to call where I was, they got the same message.
So I created a case, but in the meantime, I found that if I went into Call Control --> Options --> and checked Distributed Routing (I cant recall the whole line, but it was the first selection), I found that after the ShoreGear switches rebooted, the remote site could then dial the main site.  However, the main site could not dial the remote site.  So during the TAC call, they unchecked that same option for distributed routing, the switches rebooted, and both sites could then call each other.  So, the question is why did that work when it was set like that in the beginning?  I have no idea, but TAC says something must have needed to be sync'ed.  Im not sure, but either way, it did work.