Friday, June 8, 2012

Basic Config For A Cisco CSM (Content Services Module) In A 6500

I wanted to generically go over a basic config for a CSM (Content Services Module) in a 6500 switch I did some time back.  Notice the config for three physical servers (, 153, and 156) where the CSM blade is hosting a virtual IP address ( for them.   My notes are out to the side on the basic concepts.  Im basically trying to hit one IP address (the virtual IP address) and load balancing them across three different physical servers (real servers).
First, here is the topology:

Now, the config and some notes:
serverfarm webserver1    <------ serverfarm name
  nat server
  nat client webserver1    <----- use the natpool webserver1 for incoming connections
  predictor leastconns
  failaction reassign
  real     <----- IP address of physical server #1
   inservice                     <----- it is 'in' service.
  real     <----- IP address of physical server #2
  real     <----- IP address of physical server #3
  probe HTTP

vserver HTTP-server1     <----- virtual server 'name'
  virtual tcp 0     <------ virtual IP address that will be used for all 3 servers above
  serverfarm webserver1     <-------- points to the 'serverfarm webserver1' so that it knows the physical servers to point to
  sticky 20                      <----- use sticky connections
  idle 300
  no persistent rebalance
  inservice                    <------ bring the vserver into 'in' service

natpool webserver1 netmask    <----- client coming in will be nat'ed to this address pool

 probe HTTP http
  interval 2
  failed 20