Saturday, June 30, 2012

Brocade (Foundry): How To Configure A LACP Port-channel (Etherchannel) On 7.X Code

I had a need to do some port-channel configuration on the Brocade switches.  I thought Id share the config needed for that.
To  do a static trunk/port-channel:
(config)#  trunk e 1/1/1 e 2/1/1
(config)#  trunk deploy

To do a LACP trunk/port-channel:
(config)#  int e 1/1/1
(config-if)# link-agg conf key 10001
(config-if)# link-agg act
(config-if)#  int e 2/1/1
(config-if)# link-agg conf key 10001
(config-if)# link-agg act

To verify the configuration, use the following commands:
"show trunk"
"show link-agg"

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