Monday, June 25, 2012

Check Point: How To Connect Sync Ports Together In HA/Redundancy

I wanted to write up a 'how to' on connecting sync ports in a Check Point HA topology.  See the diagram below.  For both sync ports, you should connect each one (sync #1 and sync#2) to its own switch, in case one switch fails.  Also, make sure you connect them to a switch and NOT a crossover cable to each other.  If you use a crossover cable, and one unit goes down, the interface on the other unit also goes down.  This can cause you problems and is undesirable.  Make sure you ALWAYS use a switch when connecting sync ports together in an HA topology.  Check Point TAC will always tell you to use a crossover cable.  This is not the correct way to do this.

How to connect the sync ports:

How NOT to connect the sync ports (below, with the use of crossover cables):

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