Thursday, June 14, 2012

How To Add A Wireless SSID On A Brocade Wireless Controller (RS6000)

In this configuration, we are going to add a SSID so that wireless devices can connect to the network.  See the screenshots below and notice what I have circled.  The circled items will tell you what you need to configure and where you need to be.
Lets go to the Configuration Tab --> Wireless and 'Add' a SSID.  Make sure you click 'OK', 'Commit', and 'Save'.
Now, lets select the security info you want.  Make sure you click 'OK', 'Commit', and 'Save'.
Now, lets go to Configure --> Devices --> Device Overides.  Highlight the device you want to edit, and click on 'Edit'.

Lets now select the radio you want to edit. 

You will want to select the SSID on the left, and move it over to the right.  Click 'OK' after each of the following screenshots.

 Click 'OK', 'Commit', and 'Save'.  Now you will have a SSID that wireless devices can connect to.

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