Wednesday, June 6, 2012

'Upgrade_export' Is Now The 'Migrate Export' Command In CLI

I had a check point management station that I needed to backup, since we were going to upgrade from R75.30 to R75.40.  I found that the common 'upgrade_export' command wouldnt work for me.  What I found was that it has been replaced with a new command:
[Expert@Smart1]# $FWDIR/bin/upgrade_tools/upgrade_export /backups/5.30.2012

'upgrade_export' and 'upgrade_import' have been replaced by
the 'migrate' utility.

Run 'migrate' to export and import the Check Point Security
Management Server database.

Running 'migrate export' is equivalent to 'upgrade_export'.
Running 'migrate import' is equivalent to 'upgrade_import'.


Here is what I found that I had to do:
[Expert@Smart1]# $FWDIR/bin/upgrade_tools/migrate export 5.30.2012 

You are required to close all clients to Security Management Server
or execute 'cpstop' before the Export operation begins.

Do you want to continue? (y/n) [n]? y

Copying required files...
Compressing files...

The operation completed successfully.

Location of archive with exported database: /home/admin/5.30.2012.tgz

[Expert@Smart1]# ls
-cpinfo11302011                IIwrapperSetup        UnixInstallScript
5.30.2012.tgz                MiniWrapper        Wrapper.conf
Actions                    MiniWrapperInstall  cpinfo
CKP_mutex::fwca_crl_mutex        SU            cpinfo.out.gz
CPcvpn                    SUInstall        hotfixes
Check_Point_R75_iPhone_Skype.linux.tgz    Uninstall.conf

Then FTP it to another place off box, and there is your backup. 

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