Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Brocade: How To Add A 10Gig License To An ICX 6610

If you need to enable the 10Gig ports on an ICX 6610, you are going to need a license to do that.  Once you get the license (usually sent to the end user), you submit your info to Brocade which will then generate the license file you need.  It will come in an .xml format.  See below on how to get this license on the switch.

SANSWITCH1#copy tftp license XXXXXXX.xml unit 1
SANSWITCH1#Flash Memory Write (8192 bytes per dot) .
Copy Software License from TFTP to Flash Done.

SANSWITCH1#sh license
Index      License Name              Lid          License Type    Status     License Period  License Capacity
Stack unit 1:
1          ICX6610-10G-LIC-POD  XXXXXX  Normal   Active        Unlimited                    8


  1. Thanks!
    Do you need the license to enable 10G on some ports or in general? If I'm not wrong first 4 ports (1/3/1 to 1/3/4) should be 10G enabled by default.

    1. No, you will need a licence for any block of four ports for 10g. They do show up in the config as 10g, and you have to change them to 1g if you didn't purchase the license.

    2. some 7250 icx product 1/2/1 and 1/2/3 are 10gig by default and some other are no 10gig at all


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