Thursday, October 11, 2012

Brocade 7131: How To Configure As A Stand Alone AP

Plug in 7131 AP.
You need DHCP to give it an ip address. will not work.  The manual says it come with
Web browse into (From my DHCP server)
Go to Firmware Update on the left side.  It has the 4.x code on it and you need 5.x.
Turn on your TFTP server on your laptop.
AP reboots after upgrade.
Web browse into
Change password.
Setup Wizard comes up.
Select next.
Select Standalone AP, then next.
Select Bridge Mode, then next.
Select Static IP address. Put in an IP address.
Configure Radio1 and Radio2, increase power on both to 23.
Configure WLAN Setting.
Set Country/Time info.

NOTE** Any new SSIDs you create, you must go and add them here: Configuration --> Devices --> System Profile --> Interfaces --> Radio --> (radio1 and radio2) --> WLAN Mapping tab