Sunday, December 16, 2012

Port 9: TCP And UDP - The Discard Packet

There are times when I need to flood a network with packets just so I can see what is going to happen under certain circumstances.  I primarily do this during voice testing, but there are other occasions where I may need to do this, such as application testing, etc.  I thought it would be interesting to post up some packet captures of what a flood looks like in wireshark.  Im using port 9, UDP.  Here is what wireshark's site says about this type of traffic:
"The discard protocol allows a client to send arbitrary data to a server. The data is then silently dropped."
ISS says this:
"This protocol is only installed on machines for test purposes. The service listening at this port (both TCP and UDP) simply discards any input (i.e. silently eats it)."
Here is what is going to look like in wireshark:

Interesting stuff!

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