Saturday, January 26, 2013

Brocade Switch: Taking A Packet Capture With Mirror/Monitor Commands In CLI

Sometimes I have to troubleshoot a network where there are brocade switches (which I personally like) and Ill need to do a packet capture on the network.  Its very different in the CLI on how you configure this than Cisco.  You dont do the normal "monitor session" commands in Brocade like you do in Cisco.  Here below is some sample config I put together and some side notes.
Where your laptop resides:
config t
mirror-port ethernet 1/1/17   <--------- This is the port you connect your packet capture to (your laptop).

If you are monitoring a VLAN:
int ve 1
monitor   <--------- This is the vlan that you will be monitoring (capturing packets from)

If you are monitoring a certain port:
interface ethernet 1/1/23   <--------- The port you are going to monitor.
 dual-mode  25
 mon ethe 1/1/17 both     <-------- This says capture packets on int 1/1/23 in both directions and send it 1/1/17.
 inline power
 trust dscp

Now you are ready to capture packets on the Brocade switch.


  1. FYI: I know this is old, but on my FCX, if I want to monitor a VLAN, I need to put "monitor" in my VLAN, not the VLAN interface, like you have in your example. ie:
    config t
    vlan 1


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