Thursday, January 3, 2013

Preventive Maintenance!

Ok folks.  You have to do PMs to your equipment.  Dust is BAD.  Clean is GOOD.  Dust will shorten the life of your equipment.  Its a great idea to have scheduled PMs for all your equipment for extending the life of your investment.  Its just a good idea.


  1. We have several switch rooms throughout our facility. We use a small vacuum and bottle of nitrogen to blow out the nooks and crannies. Not a fun thing to do. Dust restricts air flow and also traps heat. I wonder how many admins do this regularly?

    1. Well, I see a lot of customer networks. I rarely see anyone who actually does PMs on equipment. Usually I find that taking the time is the biggest issue for the customer. They are usually very busy and since everything is up and running without issue, they tend to not think about PMs as much. I guess you call that 'survival mode'.


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