Wednesday, January 30, 2013

PRI And ShoreTel: I Get Dial Tone When I Dial All Digits I'm Supposed To Dial

This was really weird, because I had this working on the new PRI and then the Telco did something on their side (which they never admit), and then after a full day of working properly, I start to get dial-tone after I dial 7 digits out for a local call.  Well, the Telco says they didnt do anything, and I KNOW I didnt do anything.  So, who did it?  I can tell you, the Telco did something.  So, I had to fix it on my end.  Here is what I did.
I had to login as Support.

Then I did this below.  Follow the red squares.  If you cant read it in the entry box, that is a ";2E" for an NI2 PRI.

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