Thursday, January 10, 2013

ShoreTel: How To Configure/Add A BB (Button Box) In ShoreTel 13 (Part 1)

Im in the middle of installing a ShoreTel system, version 13, and I am close to the end of this install.  I had to install some button boxes and I thought Id write about this process. I took some screenshots and thought I put up the process with items circled on what to do.  Following along with these visuals.  Below, the BB has to be on the network and registered with ShoreTel Director for you to see it in the IP Phones window.

Below is what the phone looks like when I have someone on hold.  The first button is the call parked on 300.  The second blinking button is the unpark call button, which is blinking.

Below, I have this BB connected directly to a Cisco switch.  Notice the config of port fa0/22.  The BB is on the voice vlan (vlan 2) but is configured as a 'switchport access vlan 2', and not a 'switchport voice vlan 2'.
*** ADDED 1/15/2013 *** I didnt like that I ran two cables to get this to work right.  So, I added a 'Part 2" to this post.  Go here to read more on it.

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  1. I just wanted to know how to change the password thanks


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