Tuesday, January 15, 2013

ShoreTel: How To Configure/Add A BB (Button Box) (Part 2)

You can refer to my original post on how to configure the BB in the ShoreTel system here.  Its a good step by step on how to do it, but this is a follow up post.  So, if you read this post, be sure to read the first one.  It has more information in it.
Ok, I just didn't like the last post about I did about the ShoreTel BB.  I wasn't satisfied with running two cat5 cables, one for the BB and one for the IP phone.  I called ShoreTel and asked them about how to configure the data switch to let both the IP phone and the BB to register to the system, but the tech I got couldn't tell me how to do it.  He just referred me to the admin guide.  That is frustrating.  Anyway, I plugged the one network cable into the BB and tied the IP phone to the other port in the BB and the phone registers but the BB didnt.  It turns out that on the BB, I had to enable 'tagging' on it.  I do have everything configured statically here (small facility).  So, although I do NOT have 'tagging' enabled on the IP phone, I do have to have it configured as 'on' on the BB.  So now, its just one network cable to the data switch instead of two.  Im much happier with this now.

*** Added 1-13-2013 ***
I thought I would add what the power ratings look like when a BB and an IP230 are attached to the switch port (Brocade in this case).  See below:

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