Friday, February 15, 2013

Cisco Voice Gateway: Translation Rules/Manipulating Outgoing Numbers

When I dialed out with a fax machine, I was getting 4 digits out.  Meaning, on my cell phone display, it read something like '1234' instead of '205-555-1234'.  So, I needed to manipulate the digits going out so that it would send 10 digits out.  The Telco made me send out 10, or they wouldnt accept the call going outbound.  So, what to do? Ah, voice translation!  Here is a config of how to do that.  Im basically taking my 4 digit extensions from my fax machines and making them report 10 digits on the PRI so that the Telco will accept the call and forward it on out to its destination.  If I left it at 4, they would drop the call.  What a pain, but here is how to overcome.

voice translation-rule 2
 rule 1 /^\(....\)$/ /205555\1/

voice translation-profile outbound_calls
 translate calling 2

 translation-profile outgoing outbound_calls

Sample_2911#config t
Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.
Sample_2911(config)#voice translation-rule 2
Sample_2911(cfg-translation-rule)# rule 1 /^\(....\)$/ /205555\1/
Sample_2911(cfg-translation-rule)#voice translation-profile outbound_calls
Sample_2911(cfg-translation-profile)# translate calling 2
Sample_2911(config)#dial-peer voice 1003 pots
Sample_2911(config-dial-peer)#translation-profile outgoing outbound_calls
Sample_2911#wr mem


  1. Awesome post but this is one of the areas in voice I struggle with is how to build the proper translations for the ISDN and SIP inbound and outbound translations. I'm trying to come up with a template but I can never find a good explanations.

    1. Hey Kenneth. Thanks for posting. See if this helps any:


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