Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cisco Voice H323 Gateway: Striping The '9' Off The Dialed Phone Number

Have you ever needed to strip the '9' off the number dialed that goes out a PRI, and you needed to do that on the voice gateway?  Well, I have.  Below is a Cisco H323 gateway where I had to strip the 9 off the 10 digit number.  Yes, I could have done it in the CUCM, but in this case, I needed to do something specific and 'had' to strip the 9 at the gateway instead.  Here is how I did that.

dial-peer voice 28 pots
 destination-pattern 918665554444    <----------- Notice there is 12 digits
 port 0/0/0:23        <----------- Goes out my PRI
 forward-digits 11    <----------- Where the magic happens. Notice it says forward 11 digits!

So by forwarding the 11 right most digits, we strip off the 9 this way.  It works well if you need to do this on the gateway.

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