Monday, February 4, 2013

Google Search Tip

So something that I didnt realize until the other day is that when you do a search on Google (and probably any other search site), you can tell the search engine to exclude certain words by putting a minus sign ( - ) in front of the word you dont want it to find.  For example, I was doing a search on HUDlite and Trixbox, but I did NOT want Fonality to show up (since they seem to only want to sell you something instead of tell you anything, from my personal experience).  All that would show up when I did a search on HUDlite and Trixbox was Fonality sites.  Well, for fun, I put a minus sign in front of Fonality in my search ( -fonality ) and what do you know.  It took out all Fonality site listings.  Just what I needed.
Just thought I put in a quick search tip.  I didn't realize this until the other day. 

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  1. and a "+" in front of a searched word and it must be in the results (+cisco)a plus cisco would mean cisco must be in all of my results. for more search operators please see the the link


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