Saturday, April 13, 2013

Brocade/Cisco Switch: Secondary IP Address Issues For Servers

I went onsite today to troubleshoot an issue where some (not all) servers were not accessible from the PCs. It wasnt long ago that I did some VLAN additions to this network from one flat network range.  This was on a Brocade FCX648S, a very nice switch.  After my troubleshooting was coming to an end, I found that the default gateway on the servers that were affected pointed to the secondary IP address on the VLAN interface.  Once we changed them to the primary IP address, all started working again without issue.
My point in this post is that I have seen issues with secondary IP addresses before.  Not only on Brocade though, but Ive seen issues on Cisco as well.  Not often, but on occasion.  I think that today I have decided that I will not use the secondary IP address feature on a switch anymore.  Im just thinking that it can cause me to come back and troubleshoot in the future, as has been the case several times in the past.

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