Friday, April 5, 2013

Cisco ASA Failover Licensing: Does My Secondary ASA Need The Same Licensing In Active/Passive Mode

I ran into this question today.  The customer had 750 Anyconnect licenses on the primary ASA and I told them that they had to have that same licensing on the secondary ASA.  He said that Cisco told him differently, and that the licensing should carry over to the secondary.  Hmmm, that sure doesnt sound like Cisco to me, but I asked TAC that question and here was their response:
Version 8.2 and earlier: matching license for the primary and FO (secondary) unit separately
Version 8.3 and later: both must have FailOver License: all the licenses features must be on the primary ASA  as the features are shared to the secondary.  

So, Cisco was right on 8.3 and later, while I was right on 8.2 and earlier.  In this case, they had 8.4.5.  Looks like we are ok. 

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