Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Is Telnet Secure?

Well, the quick answer is NO.  So I decided to take a packet capture on something that I was doing and the thought came to me that this might be interesting to some people.  It is to me anyway.  I decided to take a packet capture of my telnet session and thought you might like to see it.
Now, a couple of things here:
1.  I took out the public IP address of the destination in this capture, so please do note that it is missing in all of the screenshots you will see.
2.  I just used a username and password that I do not use, just for this purpose.  So dont think Im dumb enough to share my credentials.
Anyway, here is the capture to prove that telnet is not secure.  You will see a username of 'skillen' and a password of 'scuby'.

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