Thursday, May 2, 2013

Cisco Router: Why Do My ACLs Look Different Than What I Typed Into The Config In CLI

Have you ever wondered why your access-list didn't look right after putting in some entries?  Like this example:
"access-list 121 permit ip any"
when you know that you typed in this:
"access-list 121 permit ip"
Weird.  Well, its because it didnt like what you put in, so it put in the first line above.  I needed the keyword 'host' in my second command above.  It wanted to see this:
 "access-list 121 permit ip host"
If I had typed it in right, it would have gone it correctly and I wouldn't be wondering what happened.  It would be nice it it would just complain to you somewhat, but it never does.  Just keep that in mind when you are wondering why your ACL doesn't look right after you know you typed something different.

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