Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cisco Unity: How Do I Forward My Unity Voicemail To My (External) SMTP Mail Account Like Yahoo/Gmail/etc.

At times, I have to forward peoples voice mail to their SMTP mail account.  I do this through Exchange and it pretty easy once you know how to do it.  Below is how I do this.  I usually find out about this after Ive already created the users in Unity (and Exchange). 

go into exchange console
under recipient configuration --> mail contact
create new mail contact
fill out necessary information for the contact info.
go to users mailbox --> mail flow settings
edit delivery options
under forwarding address: check 'forward to' and select the contact you just created.
apply and ok.


  1. that's great.. except unity voicemails don't forward

    1. Maybe its a difference in terminology that you would use and that I would use. Either way, the voicemail gets to the email.


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