Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cisco Voice: "Error Pass Limit" Error Message

This really is frustrating, to say the least.  I came behind someone who had 'setup an ip phone' at one of my customers, only to find that they added the phone into CUCM, but gave it no extension.  I dont normally see this error message when there is no extension, but this time I did.  Once I completed the configuration of the phone, it worked fine.  There are other things to try if you find this message.  Click here to go to Cisco's resolution page for this.

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  1. We tried the cisco workaround and still had the problem. The phone in question was working fine for many years. It just started to show that error today. The CM had the extensions showing assign to that phone but the extensions didn't show on the physical phone. We ended up replacing the phone which worked. I assume if we would have removed the extensions and re-added it or removed the MAC and added that MAC back on, it may have fixed the problem. We just didn't have time to try all of the other workarounds. Cisco's didn't work for us.


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