Monday, June 3, 2013

Palo Alto: How To Put An IP Address On The Firewall When Starting To Configure It

Today, one of the remote engineers (Jim) asked me to put an IP address on a Palo Alto firewall so he could configure it remotely. He is a couple of hours away from the box, so after the 13th time of him asking me, I was happy to do so.  So, I plugged a network cable into the management port, put it in the right vlan on my core switch, and log into the console port of the Palo Alto with the admin/admin userID/password.  You can use a Cisco console cable if you have one, as that is what I had.  Once you get to the prompt, here is what you do to get an IP address onto the box:

set deviceconfig system ip-address
set deviceconfig system default-gateway

That should get Jim onto the box and work his magic remotely. 


  1. Replies
    1. You are right. I used the key word 'netmask' last night on an install while putting the IP address on. Good catch.

  2. you know, I probably should have, but I dont think I did that. Hmmm. Im sure you are right. Why wouldnt you put a subnet mask? Ill have to do that again and see. Ill update later on. Thanks for pointing that out.


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