Thursday, July 4, 2013

Brocade Switch: "Error! stack enable fail. You must resolve the above complaints."

I had to go to a customer site to replace an FCX 648 HPOE switch that had some problems of some sort.  Im not sure of all the details.  I was just asked to go and replace the switch in the stack of two.  So, I in the early morning to do this replacement. 
I disabled the stack with the "no stack enable" command, as I was going to remote the production 'bad' unit and put in the new unit to replace with.
brocade_stack(config)#no stack enable
Remove stack enable. This unit will not actively participate in stacking.
However, it can be turned into a member by an active unit running secure-setup
Active unit 1 deletes u2 but keeps its static config.

 I replaced the unit physically, and tried to go through the stacking configuration again.  But, it gave me the message below:
brocade_stack(config)#stack enable
Stack port e 1/2/1 has some configuration on the port
Error! stack enable fail. You must resolve the above complaints.

So, how did I resolve this issue?  I had to go remove any config dealing with the second unit.  Of course, I took the config before doing anything with this, so I had a backup copy.  But I had to take out the interfaces that referenced that switch.  Meaning, any interface in the vlan config, the interfacaces themselves, and the unit in the stack config, along with the interfaces referenced in lldp config.  After I did this, I was able to get the stack to work.  I then cut and pasted the interface info back into the current config.  It took about 30 minutes from start to finish to get all of this completed and make sure everything was up and running as normal. 

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  1. Also had a problem replacing a Stack unit. Shutdown the unit I had to replace and put the new one in. I don't know why but the active unit took the empty config of the new switch and added a third unit in the stack topology (Never had this problem before) I also rebuild the entire stack and copy/paste the config.


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