Monday, July 8, 2013

Brocade Update: Most Stable/Reliable Firmware/Code Revisions

I have a local Brocade SE that shares what the current, most stable revisions of firmware are for the Brocade products. This is important for us Partners, so that we can make sure our customers are running the most stable revisions at the time we put equipment in, or if a new 'more stable version' comes available, that we move our customers to that version for the stability of the network.  This is very important for our customers and they depend on us to make sure we stay on top of this.  Thankfully, here in the South (US), Ive got some great Brocade engineers to keep us informed. 

Current Products:
NetIron MLX/MLX-e/XMR:  5.2j
NetIron CES/CER:  5.2j
ICX 6610:  7.3 latest patch
ICX 64x0:  7.4c
FCX:  7.2.02 latest patch
SX:  7.4a if MCT, otherwise 7.2.02 latest patch
WLAN:  5.4.2
ADX:  12.4.00 latest patch
VDX:  NOS 2.1.1c
TurboIron:  4.2d
BNA:  Latest
BigIronRX:  latest patch of 2.7.02 or 2.8

Legacy Products:
FGS/FLS/FWS:  7.2.02 latest patch
SuperX/FESX/FWSX:  7.2.02 latest patch or 5.1c/5.1e
ServerIron:  latest patch 10.2.01
FES:  4.1.01 latest patch


  1. yes, version 8 is out, but above is a list of stable code. 8 should be considered early realease I think.


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