Friday, July 19, 2013

Check Point: ISOmorphic, A Couple Of 12400 Appliances And A Thumb Drive

Me and another engineer started reinstalling couple of 12400 Check Point appliances the other day.  We made several attempts at trying to get this to work right off of a DVD, but after three different DVD players, we finally ditched that option.  So, what did we go with for success?  We used a thumb drive.  We downloaded ISOmorphic from Check Point's site and downloaded the R76 Splat fresh install ISO image.  ISOmorphic works great.  It created a bootable thumbdrive for us and once we put it in the Check Point appliance, it worked great.  We did a fresh install with the thumb drive, created with ISOmorphic, and we didnt have any problems out of either of 12400 boxes.  That is the first time I have used ISOmorphic, and it was very easy to use.  And it worked great!

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