Monday, July 1, 2013

Cisco: Notes And Collections Of ASA Upgrades From Pre-8.3 to 8.3 And Above

I had a guy named "Tommy" that asked me a good question about the ASA upgrade from pre-8.3 to 8.3 and after.  He pointed out some good info that Ive read before, and I think I have only mentioned one of the two.  He mentioned using the "no names" and "no nat-control' command during an upgrade to 8.3 and above. Yes, I have read that.  In fact, a document that is very helpful can be seen here in Cisco's forums.  Tommy is right, you need to run these two commands in order for the upgrade to be successful.  Tommy, thank you for calling my attention to that.
Check out that document before you upgrade.  I think its worth the read.

For my other blog notes and experiences on upgrading the ASA from pre-8.3 to 8.3 and above, see below:
1. ASA upgrade with zero downtime
2. Failed upgrade notes
3. Downgrade from 8.3 to pre-8.3
4. Upgrade process
5. Another upgrade process

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