Saturday, July 6, 2013

I Hate It When Someone Steals Your Blog Posts

Dont you?  I found a guy who stole my blog post on fixing my Backtrack problem I had (you can find it here).  This guy just copied and pasted my post into his blog.  Is this illegal?  Well, it is called plagiarism.  And many people have had to quit their jobs here in the US for that.  Is it ethical?  Well I can certainly tell you NO, its not ethical.  Im happy that you would come here and find information on my blog site.  Im happy that you might use the configurations for your use.  But dont go putting it on YOUR blog.   Its just stealing and its just wrong to do.  Dont be 'that guy'.

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  1. What the fellow has done is not cool. If you haven't you should post a comment on the blog letting them know that you should be credited for your work. Happens all the time and is the respectable thing to do. You should also post a link to the suspect blog here so others can let them know their actions hurt everyone. I'm sure there are plenty of people in your shoes and you will find support.


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