Thursday, August 8, 2013

Check Point: How Do I Know For Sure What Policy Is Installed On An Enforcement Module?

There have been times, when I was new on a customer site, when I needed to verify the policy that was installed on an enforcement module in a distributed environment.  In Check Point, there is a CLI command that you can run to verify what is installed on the enforcement module.  You can do this in stand alone mode as well.  Keep in mind, Im running SPLAT on these units.
SSH into your enforcement module and you will have to go into expert mode.  Type in the following:

[Firewall]# fw stat
localhost MainPolicy 22Jul2013 15:29:46 :  [>eth1-01] [<eth1-01] [>eth1-02] [<eth1-02] [>eth1-03] [<eth1-03] [>Sync] [<Sync] [>Mgmt] [<Mgmt]

You can see above when I type in "fw stat" that my policy name is "MainPolicy".  That will help when I go back onto the management station and I find multiple policies.

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