Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cisco ASA: Pre-8.3 Config To Add A Static NAT Translation To Get To A Server

I dont guess I made a post about adding a static NAT entry into an pre-8.3 version on the Cisco ASA.  I have had that question come up, so I thought I would post about that.
You really need two things to accomplish this on an existing firewall.  First, a static NAT entry.  Second, an entry in your ACL that is applied to your outside interface (if coming in from the outside).  Here is a look at what would need to be done.
Lets say you want to add a web server that sits on the inside of your network.  I want to be able to web browse to it from the outside.  My internal web server is  My external IP will be  Here is what I would need to do on pre-8.3:

access-list outside permit tcp any host eq www  <--- For access in from the outside

static (inside,outside) netmask   <--- To get you to the server

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