Saturday, August 3, 2013

Google Chrome: Search By Voice Feature

Ok, I just discovered this tonight and this is awesome.  I just recently started using Google Chrome as my web browser.  They say its faster and I believe it based on my own personal experiences.  However, nothing really stood out to me until today.  If I go to Google's search page, and I press the microphone at the end of the search bar (which Firefox and IE does not have), you can speak in your search.  That is really cool.  No one has ever told me about this before, so Im a little shocked to see this.  Below is what you will see:

So I guess this is a lot like Siri I guess for your computer instead of on your IPhone (which I do not have).  Once you press the microphone button, you get the screen below:

I just think this is pretty cool.  And if you didnt know about it, give it a shot.

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