Thursday, August 1, 2013

ShoreTel: Trunk Test Tool

ShoreTel has this really cool tool to allow you to view what exactly is happening on the gateways, as far as incoming and outgoing calls are concerned.   Its a great troubleshooting tool called the trunk test tool.  I use it if Im trying to see if a call makes in from the Telco or not.  You can also use it to see if a call gets out as well, although probably not as useful.  It resides on the Director server and it looks like this:

The Group and Name columns will be named differently according to your install (most likely), but as you can see in the above picture, you can see incoming calls (indicated by the internal 3 digit extension with an arrow pointing in its direction, followed by the 10 digit calling number).  The other 2 analog lines are used for outgoing only lines (in this install). 
Anyway, Id invite you to play this this tool when you get a chance.  At is very basic function, its very useful in determining call volume to determine if the Telco access that you have is enough for your business.

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  1. Im using this one too, its very cool. And how i wish i can access this thru a web browser and in that case i dont need to RDP to the Shoreware director/server to check this tool


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