Saturday, August 31, 2013

What Is The Default Password For The Brocade ICX 6430?

I was asked today by someone via email what the default password was for the ICX6430 Brocade switch.  I responded back and got a failure to deliver response.  So Im posting this in the hopes that the individual that emailed me gets this.
ANSWER:  There is no default password when you pull the unit out of the box.  The Brocade switches come with no default password.  You just have to set one up for proper security to the box.

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  1. Hi Shane
    I just found your blog and hoping you can help me with this. I have a brocade 6430 that I need to recover the enable username and password. There is no CLI/Console password set but I cannot enter privileged exec mode without an enable username and password. How do I wipe the running config so that I can enter exec mode without losing the startup config?


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