Sunday, September 15, 2013

Brocade: "detection failed - out of range capacitor" PART 2

This is a part two from an earlier post I did.  You can find PART 1 here:

I was asked the following question:
What causes the error "detection failed - out of range capacitor"? (for the Brocade switches)

So, I did some research, because I was not quite sure.  Here is what I found:
detection failed - out of range capacitor – The port failed capacitor detection (legacy PD detection) because of an out-of-range capacitor value. This can occur when connecting a non-PD on the port.

Now, my question is this:  What does 'non-PD' mean exactly?  I 'think' it refers to a 'non powered device', based on what I read.  Nothing spells that out clearly, but I do think that is what it means.

I see this to back this up on the above link:
802.3AF-PD – The powered device connected to this port is 802.3af-compliant.

Ports Off-No-PD - The number of ports on the Interface module to which no powered devices are connected.

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