Thursday, September 12, 2013

Brocade Reliable Firmware/IOS Revisions Update

My Brocade SE sent me an update on stable firmware revisions.  Im reposting them here for you all to see.

FSX 7.3.00f (make sure to look through release notes for supported modules)
FCX 7.3.00f (02.1.0 poe firmware)
6610 7.3.00f (02.1.0 poe firmware)
64xx 7.4d (02.1.0 poe firmware)
FWS 7.3.00f
FGS 7.2.02 latest


  1. Have you used software version 8 at all yet?

    1. No, i'm afraid I have not. I'm with a different company now and they are an all Cisco shop. Maybe in the future I'll get back with a company open to Brocade. Its a great product.


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