Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cisco 3560: "Copy Startup-config Running-config" Default Route Problem

I ran into this problem on an Cisco 3560 a few weeks ago.  I was having some problems with an Internet provider (meaning the customer turned off service to the Internet provider they were using by accident).  Since they had another T1 for servers only, I swung everyone over to the Internet that did work.  With that, I didn't want to save any config on the 3560, because they have many vlans and many route-maps doing different things on the network.  So, my plan was to do a "copy start run" when I got the 'downed' Internet back up.  However, when I got the ISP to turn the service back on, when I did that "copy start run", I found the following problem:
ip route
ip route

There was only supposed to be one default route.  However, when I ran the command, it did not take out the 'new' default route.  Im not sure why.  I just scrambled to get that out and everything was fine after that.  I think this may have been a bug in the software, but I dont recall the version of the IOS.  Shame on my for not getting that.


  1. When doing a "copy start run" you are never deleting any of the current configuration. Think of this command as a copy and paste function.

    When issued the lines in the startup config are processed as if they were issued via the CLI therefore causing the issue you have described. Great journal by the way!! I am enjoying checking out all of the posts.

    1. Thanks Vinny. I sure didn't know that. I guess my brain thinks that if you do a copy start run, it should be more like a replacing the running config instead of just copying to it. That's great info to know. Thanks again.


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