Saturday, September 7, 2013

How To Compact The GMS Accounting Software Access Database

If you have the GMS accounting software, it is recommended that you compact the database once a day.  I had to figure this process out, so I thought I would post how to do this here on this blog.

Go into windows explorer (right click on start at the bottom right hand corner, then select 'open windows explorer').
Once the window comes up, then on the left side, select the share where your database resides.
On the right side of Windows Explorer, open the "Convert" folder.
Find the file "Conversion.MDB", and double click on it.
Microsoft Access will open, and it will ask you for a password to get into it.  The password is "XXXX".
NOTE: This is the GMS database that you are currently in.
Now that you are into the database, go to the top left hand corner, where you see the Microsoft symbol (4 color squares).
Click on the symbol, and go down to "Manager".
Once you are on "Manage", the next menu comes up and you want to select "Compact and Repair Database".
Once you click on this, it will start the process.  No one can be in the GMS program at this time.

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