Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sabatoge In The Workplace?

I got a call about a remote warehouse being down across a point to point bridge.  I went onsite and found the below problem with the AP.  I guess sometimes your workers need a break.


  1. My sabotage occurred twice to me so far (in the hospital that I work in) and it similar to yours. We have Ethernet drops coming from the ceiling in our Operating Rooms and they hang down 6 feet to a F/F connector in a housing. From there it goes to the medical device via another cat5. The culprit appears to be housekeeping who don't pay attention to the cables when moving the equipment for cleaning. The ceiling mounts are Leviton Duraport so they are rock solid, but the weak link is that F/F Ethernet coupler. It breaks and the insides fly out. So far I have twice had Ethernet drop out and not know whats going on because they left the insides out of the connector, pieced it back together and connected the RJ-45 back in... That's right, empty housing, but connected.... Anyways, check out the Leviton stuff, pretty slick really. Not cheap though.


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